Thursday, February 04, 2021

The #GreatBritishPubcoScam under cover of Covid-19 "Open arms: Why pubs are key in the fight against loneliness"

"Open arms: Why pubs are key in the fight against loneliness"

"A new report has confirmed just how important the Great British pub is in the fight against loneliness, as brewery Heineken takes to calling vulnerable people to relieve solitude in place of sharing a pint."

"To launch this year’s annual Brewing Good Cheer campaign, Heineken has teamed up with The Campaign to End Loneliness and Loughborough University to release the Open Arms report. This report reveals the important and positive role pubs play in communities up and down the country – providing people from all walks of life with a space to come together for social interaction and connection."

This is interesting - and ironic because the same company showing the compassion here - Heineken - is, to put it bluntly, forcing tenants out of business and into forfeiting their leases for non payment of rent by demanding full rent through the whole of pandemic.

Some of these rents are £100K+ a year. Even with lower rents, imagine how many publicans have cash reserves of £30-£50K hanging around in case of emergency that closes their business for a year without insurance cover. That's right; That is none. These licensees have no business, no income, no profit and no means of paying rent without getting themselves into enormous debt, Heineken knows this and is blatanly trying to break good tenants of high performing pubs so Heinelen can get *their* pubs back free, vacant possession once their tenants have gone bust; The pubco get *their* pubs back free of encumbrances like irritating publicans Heineken thinks are making too much money out of *their* pubs. 
When you know what companies like Heineken get up to in areas of their activities they don't want the public to know about, where no one's looking, like at the way they treat their tenants, you can have nothing but contempt for them. They are basest bullying most crude rigid soulless talentless corporate behemoths. These blinkered corporate sociopaths grind anything and everything of individuality, character and creativity out of existence with their bullshit asset sweating 'business model'.
When you know they especially single out, deliberately target those who've had the temerity to take up their legal rights to implement The Pubs Code - their legal right, enshrined in law, supervised by 'the independent' Pubs Code Adjudicator - to go free of tie. Anyone whose had the temerity to go free of tie they are blatantly punishing. These licensees - I'm not sure anyone, except Heineken and maybe the Pubs Code Adjudicator, knows how many tenants this is happening to but these licensees are being treated abominably by Heineken's rump Star Pubs & Bars
WE have to put a stop to all this callous corporate disaster capitalism chaos the pub sector is bound up in because of these hedge funds trampling around our unique and precious social assets. They are killing everything that Great Britain REALLY IS...
Great 'business partners' Heineken. Heineken Schmeineken


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