Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Evicted Daventry publican closed pub because of rising cost of beer and rent ...

PUB & CARVERY couldn't be more accurate when describing the tied lease contract 

Alison Granfield stands outside The Peppermill

This woman is a victim of the #GreatBritishPubcoScam

The pubco's marketing material misrepresents what its tied lease business model offers - a form of enticement which can be interpreted after the fact as being done with intent to defraud - when you look at the evidence of 'tenant churn' in (all) the tied estates (around half the pubs in the UK) it's impossible not to deduce that a substantual proportion of all tied pubco's financial success is predicated upon the serial failure of individual pubs in their estates which in turn is predicated on the serial failure of multiple individual businesses being set up by starry eyed potential 'business partners' the pubcos have entrapped with their well worn white collar rogue trader business practices.

Many things are wrong in Britain that need correction but what will be looked back on as The Crime of the Century is the churn of the Corporate Cultural Criminal pubcos and their ripping apart community cohesion everywhere by deception and fraud committed on thousands of their tied tenants as they asset strip Britain's traditions, heritage and Sense of Place for the sake of short term private equity driven greed.

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