Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Elephant in the Room that is Our British Landscape Full of Dying Pubs


For anyone reading these threads who's not completely up to speed with the behaviour of the tied pubcos embroiled in the #GreatBritishPubcoScam it may well seem that exaggeration is used when describing the actions of these rogue trading companies.

It's impossible to exaggerate their delinquency. They are street gutter level muggers no more no less. They have no moral compass, they run rings around the law, such as Trading Standards; Weights and Measures; Landlord and Tenant Act let alone MRO legislation. They actively fuel a roaring fire in the black economy. They are despicable sociopathic corporations run by bullies and venal power graspers who have learned to look the other way in order to earn a living and drive a flash company car. They are motivated solely by greed, sustained by arrogance and wilful ignorance.

They are impossible to believe from a rational world viewpoint which is how they get away with their cultural crimes.

There. Most people reading this will dismiss it because it sounds like a huge exaggeration doesn't it?

THAT is the point.

It's not exaggeration, it is how they are. And YOU don't believe it. Do you?

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