Monday, July 25, 2016

The Great British Pubco Scam - as #MRO Takes Hold another take on what's taken hold already.

On a drive through Sussex, as with any other part of the UK, it's impossible to miss the scars on our landscape that are the cultural ravages of the‪ #‎GreatBritishPubcoScam‬

image 1
Image 1 The Coach House Inn, Cowfield, Sussex
Images 2 and 3 the former Cooperative foodstore, Cowfold.
Image 4 the new Cooperative foodstore, Cowfold (ex Coach House, Enterprise Inns) photographed from the old foodstore site.
Image 5 is The Ship Inn 'Oh No It's NOT, it's the Coop Foodstore' at Cuckfield just up the road from Cowfold.
Image 6 Campaigners trying to save the Ship from the Coop This is a link to the article image 7 is grabbed HERE
Image 7 screengrab of listing page for Pegasus Group, planning consultants to the Pubco's. their website url is: - I get 'not authorized to view this page' when I try it. Perhaps just a glitch on their site... 

On the same trip through some of the most gorgeous best of British rural idyll we came across the Coop Foodstore at Cuckfield too, the site of the former Ship Inn. Right next door, literally next door, to the original independent shop which, one must imagine, is now under severe threat from the competition of the coop...

Congratulations due to Enterprise Inns, Pegasus Group, and Cooperative Food... for rendering excellent community pubs into excellent alternative community use that no one wants...

There is a lot more to be said about this shenanigan but I am weary. 
image 2
image 3

image 4

image 5

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  1. I suppose the good news is that if no one wants and hence no one uses these Coops then someone will shortly be able to buy them cheap and convert them back to pubs. PPP perhaps?