Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Great British Pubco Scam Runs DEEP

Pub companies, pub tenants & pub closures: background history - Commons Library Standard Note

You will note, if you wade through all of this stuff about pub closures published on the Government website, that according to the GOD of PUBS (just like everywhere else, there isn't one) there are more free of tie pubs closing (always) than there are Tied Pubs closing THEREFORE the Tied Pub sector actually protects pubs from failure, closing and conversion to alternative use. It is ALL a lie, None of it is true. it is a fit up, a misrepresentation... A SCAM:

There are no accurate stats/data for pub closures that are permanent; just as there is none for the numbers of business churn within pubs that still are trading... As far as the Tied Pub Sector is concerned it is like this:

- As long as a pub has a tenant in it then that pub is a successful pub that HAS NOT failed - the fact that a pub has had seven tenants/lessee publicans in ten years is absolutely immaterial to any pubco - IT IS A PUB THAT REMAINS OPEN (even when it is boarded up waiting for new licensees to take it on and become the next failure in that pub... It does not make sense because it is meant to prove that water IS flowing up hill; and so far this works for the pub sector.

The pubco's and brewers don't publish any sort of closure information in full and ONLY use their own knowledge of their estate activity to suit their own ends... Companies like CGA Strategy and Mintel depend entirely on taking data from these sources to extrapolate the state of the market and, as we all know, BBPA exists merely to regurgitate and reproduce the cooked books that are pushed out by the pubco propaganda hegemony -

THe VAST majority of pubs that fail and come onto the market for sale suitable for conversion to alternative use are, manifestly, clearly, logic demands and observation confirms, EX TIED PUBS that are BY DEFAULT Free of Tie when they are put on the market. Ergo MORE Free of Tie Pubs 'fail' than do Tied pubs as far as the 'OFFICIAL' story goes but the reality is that FAR MORE Tied Pubs close forever than do Free of Tie...

It's just another part of the Great British Pubco Scam...

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