Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kensington Park Hotel KPH Yet another pub about to be Asset Stripped and converted to alternative use

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I signed the petition because:

Because the massive scam, the cultural crime of developers profiteering out of what are special, irreplaceable local social assets unique to every community, all over the UK, and pubs are the essential bedrock that underpins the foundations of British social structure. Pubs are an iconic part of our essential sense of place.

Pubs are part of the international understanding of what makes Britain 'British'. Pubs, especially so when well run, are unique cultural levellers, their true social value far exceeds any possible financial value. We are confused because society has come to believe that money is more valuable than people; and pubs exchange hands for the wrong reasons.

Morally, pubs are owned by the people already and they must be preserved, nurtured, enhanced and reinvigorated for the people wherever necessary, all over the UK, for the benefit, edification, enrichment and enjoyment of future generations - because if they are not, we shall stop being British and will be like every other nation on earth. And, even though we like croissants and Pad Thai, for the sake of a few rich twats becoming even richer, completely losing our cultural identity along with our pubs is just plain silly.

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