Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hilarious Satire on a little part of the Great British Pubco Scam

CEO Enterprise Inns' popping a poop over upcoming government intervention in pub sector through mandatory statutory code implementation...

Zombie company boss played by megalomaniac dead dictator.  Close to the bone. Here's the truth about the impact of the Downfall video on Ted Tuppen's reputation:

NONE. His reputation is that of a jumped up spiv who's tolerated among traders in the City - one class of crook among many other classes of crooks. They're all up to their armpits in the trough which is the national tied lessees' tills and they've been making moolah while they can.  Their holiday in the protected market is ending and they don't like it. And can't quite believe it.

TUPPEN finds out about the Tuppen Downfall Parodies

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