Thursday, August 08, 2013

Daisy and Euphorbia and Hoverfly

On Using a Sophisticated 'Point and Shoot' Camera
or any kind of camera for that matter

I take a lot of photographs. I use Flickr quite a lot. Maybe not as much as I'd like and certainly not as much as I have done, when I've been mental. It's a sanity syphon. It keeps me in. In another life I might be a fuller-time photographer instead of a parter-timer photographer.

A friend posed the observation:

nicely captured. Poor Daisy has seen better days, alas. I seem to remember the days when you claimed "not to be able to photograph flowers", or am I recalling something wrongly?

J Mark Dodds [a shadow of my future self]
Been practising fifi. Largely because of your example I recall :)

J Mark Dodds [a shadow of my future self]
Funny thing about this: a few pics back from this is one I took of the same flower but on my phone, two days ago, when I was wandering around the garden and thinking oh! that's nice, and oh! that's nice. Then I uploaded it using sorcery on he phone and thought little more of it until seeing it on the computer, at which moment I decided I should have taken that flower more seriously and went back with a £400 camera to shoot again. 20 minutes and maybe twenty photo's later... I went through them all and ALL off them have something wrong about them. The focus, the angle, the composition, all just tiny subtle bits that detract. This is the best but the bit in the middle isn't sharp and it dsoukd be
imperfect , maybe, or you are becoming more self-critical. There'll be a blue moon in the sky the day I ever spend £400 on a camera.I'd be worried about carrying an expensive camera about with me.I'd be worried about dropping it/knocking it against anything/leaving it on a bus...

J Mark Dodds [a shadow of my future self]
Yes. I don't know how to use it. But when ever I spend time learning it draws dividends. Then I don't use it for a while. And when I pick it up I am tongue tied again. Back to where I was the earlier attempt. I also have an even more expensive and better brilliant camera which poses exactly the same challenges. I did know how to use it for a while, it took a lot of concentrated effort to get there, and I still had a lot to find out about it. Now I can barely get a bloody properly exposed image. It probably needs a firmware update. The OM1 I used which was manual manual manual I never, rarely ever, got a badly exposed image. Now I could still use the same camera and get perfectly exposed pics. However that kind of thing is too simple a machine for contemporary consumer expectations so no manufacturer would dare make such a simple, sensible, fine working instrument - they fear no one would buy it. They are wrong in their know all ness of the market and trends and fashions and must have gadgetry that's supposed, supposed, to make photography more accessible to the masses. Fucking full auto is what 95% of people use, the rest use M. All the other frippery and frills are just that, hardly worth having except to baffle people into thinking 'it must be good'. Unless you dedicate yourself to mastering these menus and amazing amenities your camera may as well be a box brownie. So why doesn't someone make one?

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