Sunday, September 01, 2013

Vagiaries of the End of the Pub Sector as We Know It

Campaign by councillors to keep Oxenhope pub open criticised by its landlady

Would have been interesting to know whether Mrs Ward's other pub is tied to Enterprise Inns as well, and whether she has ever been able to invest anything in the Oxenhope to make it more attractive to the locals she says don't use it.

Whatever, from rumour it sounds like there may be nothing to be concerned about: If the pub remains a pub, once it's free of Enterprise Inns' usually excessive tied rent plus their double open market beer supply prices the business will be able to make a profit for once and there will be a future for the place.

IF the pub has been bought by people who understand the pub business  they will invest in the premises, noting what people in the area want and expect from their pub, and soon the locals will get a much improved Local on their doorstep - and perhaps more than 2% of them will use the pub, because it will be relevant to them, and it will be a viable business again... no doubt as it was before Enterprise bought it and asset stripped it through their wonderful Tied and Tested business model which leaves tied tenants with substantially less at the end of each financial year than the pub company has taken out of their endeavours.

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