Thursday, November 15, 2012

S&NPC rebrands and offers new support for tenants

Stroke of dazed genius from Heineken.

Buy over a thousand failing, run down and dilapidated pubs (pubs you used to own but you sold to a bank that turned them into a massive, toxic asset, a toxic asset managed by - yes - YOU), at a knock down price which is twice what they're really worth. Tell the market this is the most exciting thing that's happened in the pub industry since Spirit was created. Carry on as usual. Think.

Hire ex Spirit and Punch employees available on the job market because of their remarkable track record in the pub sector, put them in charge of your rudderless existing payroll and leave them to come up with some inspired and totally original name, ditch the moniker 'Scottish & Newcastle', pretend that it's all new, and sparkly and different when, really it's just the same tired old claptrap that's been bringing the pub industry to its knees, then roll out a load of guff about how great it is for people to get into this revolutionary new form of low cost entry into the trade. Business as usual.

Bob's yer uncle. INspired. EBITDA.

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