Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get Tweeting!

Please ask any tied pub landlords you know to get onto Twitter and tell Government what is happening to them in their tied pubs. Twitter is direct and it they can post anonymously if they want. And it's very easy once you get your head around short statements!

On 23 November Government in the form of BIS Ministers Jo Swinson and Vince Cable will be reviewing the state of the British pub market by looking at the relationships between Pub Lessees all over the UK and their Freeholder's like giant Pubco's; Enterprise Inns, Punch, S&N and Admiral et al and their friendly 'family brewer' imitators such as Green King, Marston's, Fullers, Shepherd Neame; et al who together make Tied Pubs - where lessees have to buy beer through the freeholder - the dominant presence in the pub market. Most of our pubs nationally are tied, most of the other pubs are branded chains and 'independent concept' pubs managed by the same massive pub companies and brewers who sell beer to their tied estates for double the price they pay for it. Thus screwing all the profits out of the pubs they let out while forcing those pubs to price themselves out of the market or go bust.

Swinson and Cable want to be sure that these Private Equity asset stripping property companies are treating their tenants fairly.

They want tenants and lessees of tied pub estates all over Britain to tell them what their relationship with their pubco / 'family brewer' 'business partners' is REALLY like.

Do the pubco's and their cuddly imitators do what they say on the tin? Or do they routinely break their codes of practice and bully tenants into accepting rent and beer prices their businesses cannot possibly afford?

Tweets can be like this:

@joswinson Dear Jo, with pubs, it's crystal clear that government is NOT listening and is closed minded. Last 4 Select Committees. IGNORED?

@JMarkDodds @DailyMirror @GregMulholland Please look into this more Daily Mirror,this isnt isolated case&its our heritage being destroyed.

And you can send them straight to @joswinson  @vincecable @eddaveykands

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