Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Beer tax 'leading to pub closures' claims Andrew Griffiths MP

Andrew Griffiths talks a lot of convincing sounding bollocks.

That's because Andrew Griffiths' concerns, being the MP for Burton and Uttoxeter, territory of several predatory pubco HQ's, are squarely in line with the pub sector myths the BBPA and their pubco paymasters promulgate and promote - that ALL the problems they face through the collapsing of their estates and the income they milk out of them are the result of external factors.

He needs to acknowledge what many of his better informed in the House of Commons know - that the underlying weakness of the tied pub sector - that which makes it so vulnerable to external threats - is the very foundation of the Private Equity Business Model the Tied Pubco Lease has become.

The abuse of the tie by the Pubcos has starved a huge proportion of Britain's pubs of anything like the amount of investment needed for these businesses to be fit enough to survive even minor rifts in the stability of the financial and social circumstances surrounding them.

The pub sector has been catastrophically disadvantaged by the meddling of Private Equity interests treating it as a cash cow to be milked into oblivion; beyond dry.

Tell him to talk to Greg Mullholland; Brian Binley; Adrian Bailey; maybe even Vince Cable - and to just check with CAMRA what's really behind all those boarded up pubs, all those that have communities all over the UK beginning to fight to have saved - Ask him to open his eyes and look to the evidence all around him - instead of accepting the BBPA's 'objective' view that's paid for by the pubco' and the family brewers. And by Wetherspoons now of course. WHY did Wetherspoon join BBPA this year?

To Maintain the Status Quo. The last thing JDW want is for the tie to go - its erosion would mark the beginning of the end of their market niche.

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