Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Kieran Henshall - I agree with you. But in this instance

The Revolution Will Be Televised.

And those good observations you make are why it needs to be the star version that gets wide public exposure. The flag will be kept for satellite marketing for print and editorial illustration... There's another identity for B2B use as well.

No need to draw anyone's attention out there to just how controversial a business proposition this will be. It's looking to raise Private Equity levels of investment without ANY Private Equity partners, in the conventional sense, being involved AT ALL. In fact, we don't want conventional PE investors - who expect to see assets 'sweat' to give a 25%-35% return. It's precisely those sort of financial demands being placed on pubs that has led to the the pub sector being on the brink.

We need to raise £5mill through a massive crowd funding exercise that's going to be in the press and on television news. And as long as it's not done clumsily, it should be worthy of documentary. Doing THAT in itself will be a revolution in business funding.

And the purpose to which the money put will be the start of another revolution, one that's more significant - an alternative to the rotten status quo of the pub sector.

Without the money nothing is going to happen. It's taken a lot of planning, research work and cage rattling to begin to build a coalition of change in the view of many individuals and organisations who can help make this project come to successful reality.

It will be a Revolution but Revolution freaks people out. If we wave it in their face with red flags as we're asking them for their money, it'll put a lot of people off. Some will get nervous and others will just not take us seriously.

It's a logical and sustainable evolution to the broken business model of the pub sector which simultaneously resolves many of its manifest intractable problems by taking advantage of the unique conditions we are in and making virtue of them. If we raise the money - it's manageable, if we don't the pub sector's
going to rot. When it comes off that will be a real Revolution.

BrewDog raised £2.2million through 7000 small investors.

If the People's Pub Partnership proposition is well enough told and it offers a modest return of say 6% over 5 years and it's broadcast wide enough it should be possible to get 20,000 people world wide to cough up £250 each. To save the British pub AND to be member of the move to save an essential part of history, tradition and cultural heritage of the UK.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

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