Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Sunday Roast subsitutes are not abounding but I’ll second Wuli Wuli on all fronts vegetarian such that I have repeatedly nagged Jay Rayner to do a review. He refused. Jay is mistaken.

Falafel is a long way from Traditional Sundays too but their falafel wraps and vegetable curries are exceptionally good — as are their shwarma and other meat dishes whether dressed with their sauces or not. This probably is the cheapest, best value, delightfully healthy food in Camberwell.

Silk Road has a number of excellent meatless dishes as well. Their Cabbage main meal, I can’t remember what it’s called, is the Best Cabbage dish in the Known Universe.

Separately from these endorsements:

, a Thai restaurant
in Greenwich is worth
the trip

SAIGON: Roast duck & pork noodle soup:


E Mishkin’s non Kosher Jewish Deli opposite Drury Lane Theatre in St Catherine’s Street is brilliant.

It's the latest in Russell Norman’s highly competent roll out of happy food places London has long lacked… Norman is a force for good on the London catering scene

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