Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Save the Wenlock on Facebook

I'm relatively new to the world of Wenlock, Gordon Joly only added me to the group two months ago but he will vouch that I've known, through him, about the pub for years. I'm a long standing publican and one of the co founders of the Fair Pint Campaign which since 2008 has lobbied government to outlaw the beer tie.

For over 20 years I've been closely following what's been happening to pubs at the hands of 'market forces'. As pubs are forced into closure by Private Capital interests all over the UK a historically unprecedented and irreversible crime of grave proportions is being committed to Britain's cultural heritage and tradition and I am determined to help put a halt to this backwards 'march of progress' and want to see the best outcomes for ALL pubs that are in the firing line of insensitive development driven by corporate greed through the barn doors of utterly inadequate planning legislation.

Dale Ingram and I met through completely different pub conservation related circles to this which, given my work with Fair Pint and close associations with CAMRA, I regarded as entirely serendipitous and fortuitous, and we discovered we each had a separate interest in the Wenlock.

With confidence I assure everyone who has an interest in preserving the best interests of the Wenlock that Dale is not going to let anyone down here. She is an extraordinary catch when it comes to standing up to developers and getting great results for pubs and communities in the most adverse circumstances.

Elsewhere here I read Amanda Raby, who I have never heard of before, speaking out in support of Dale. Amanda's endorsement rings exactly with my own knowledge of Dale's work. I have seen Dale in action over pubs in Merton and in Wandsworth and, believe me, when it comes to pub conversions developers fear to hear her tread on the stair of the town hall.

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