Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tim Martin "perplexed" by Ted Tuppen's tax claims

Not the only things Tim Martin understands that Ted's got confused.

Take whole business model of their pubs:

Tim Martin's business model makes money and works by his company investing in new pub openings, supplying them with good value products, trading them profitably and using some of the money created by that success to open more pubs, to employ more people and to distribute more beer and food and coffee and employment across the UK.

Ted Tuppen's business model makes money and works by his company making other people invest in existing pubs, then over renting them, charging them too much for beer; and then closing them when the tenants' money's all gone; then getting more people to invest in old pubs; repeat 5-10 times until no amount of repairs will sort the building and there's no tenants left with cash to invest; then sell off these pub buildings suitable for alternative use (even sell off those who are still making money).

Wetherspoon: Open New Pubs. Make Money, Put Money Back In; Open New Pubs: Repeat.

Enterprise: Do not open new pubs. Make Money by Milking Old Pubs. When they dry up: Sell Old Pubs. Make money. Wonder what to do next.

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