Thursday, December 01, 2011

Three Stage Plan PPP

We're looking at three stages of development for the business case for PPP:

1) Seed capital to research and establish the business case - bringing together all the strands; low environmental impact building development, employee and community ownership, social enterprise and sustainable supply chain; engaging the people and organisations with the necessary skills and experience needed to create the paradigm shifting model the pub sector needs to effect widespread change. This will include setting the legal, accounting and accountability structures needed to protect and make a rock solid structure that cannot be sold, bought or attacked by private equity once it gets going. I think costs for this will be about £50K and the outcome will be a business plan that raises capital to set up a pilot of five pub freeholds.
2) Raising a funding base of around £3 million to buy the pubs, develop, refurbish and get them trading with enough working capital to see them through monitoring and reporting stages to prove the business case for a much wider, more aggressive third stage
3) Going to market - development of 1 and 2 to raise enough capital to expand the estate to 100 pubs within five years. This will be in the region of £50 million.

Before embarking on the above we need a Finance Director who's prepared to do a bit pro bono to begin with. You know, someone high profile with a solid background in the right areas of money raising who's a visionary genius with creative flair and their feet on the ground. Ahem, who's also an atheist Saint. Or a Quaker. A woman fitting this bill would be perfect.

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