Thursday, December 01, 2011

About the Palmerston v Enterprise Inns / non specified beers

In this case the Law is an ASS.

Tied Pubco's have been lucky - these ties are restrictive and anti competitive and are used purely as a mechanism for stripping profit out of publicans businesses.

They know it, they abuse it and the status quo remains with them for the time being.

Their business is utterly flawed and unsustainable. They have been asset stripping the UK's pubs, its heritage and tradition - and letting interlopers like Starbucks and Cost get in every community where if the industry had been operated responsibly with vision and commercial sustainability in mind, pubs would have evolved in line with the times.

The tie is restrictive anachronistic and its remaining in force in Britain is a shameful indictment of out entire economic and political system, an insight into just how far behind most of the rest of the world we are with contemporary culture.

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