Thursday, December 01, 2011

Government pubs report fails to stand up for the little guy

The tied lease system that dominates the UK pub and beer market is an anachronistic license for unscrupulous pub companies to run a cart and horse through any advances in workplace regulation, property owners' responsibilities there have been in the last 150 years, and, well, to drop anything at all to do with responsibility for any aspect of the day to day running of thousands of businesses - their pubs - which they manage to get other people to pay them for the privilege of running them while transferring all their profit from the beer pump to the boardroom pocket.

This governments' response to the recommendations of FOUR Select Committees taken over seven years is disgusting. It is so DISGUSTING, distasteful and wrong that pubcos should simply be let off the hook and allowed to self regulate on first reaction it is difficult to see how the ministers' responsible - Ed Davey and Vince Cable - arrived at their decision without consulting beyond Select Committee (who did an excellent job of analysis and assessment of the tied pub sector) and talking to any publican/lessee representative bodies. Such as IPC CAMRA Fair Pint JFL FSB FPB oh and about another dozen such outfits.

No, on the face of it, if you didn't know better, you'd assume we're in a Banana Republic and the ministers got bunged to rig the match. It's so outrageous they can say the industry can self regulate when its own Committee says the industry has proven it has no intention whatsoever of taking any notice at all of anything anyone in government says.

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