Thursday, November 03, 2011

GMB to survey pubs to fight hike in rent

Ahem. When. EVER is the pub industry going to get real? Dave Mountford is being penalised for being a good operator; no more, no less. Pubco's believe it is their moral RIGHT, their fiscal DUTY, to take as much as they possibly can from all tenants as a matter of course, no matter what 'they say' or RICS does. As with ALL pubco's - in spite of high profile hirings from outside the industry to make pubco's seem more rational - the bottom line demands that faceless loonies rule the roost because if they change their unsustainable way of doing business - i.e. massively over renting their properties to lessees who invest heavily in their pubs and then charging double the market rate for beer - the pubco's simply cannot continue to exist.

Do not forget the prescient statement made by Roger Whiteside to a select committee - a moment of transparency driven by a terror of losing the tie and the rights it bestows on pubco's to fleece their tenants - where he admitted that the very pubco's existence would be in jeopardy if tenants were offered the right to become free of tie alongside a genuine open market rent review.

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