Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Georgel: pubcos must empower BDMs

Another clueless off piste insight from one of the blind who's leading the blind in the tied pub sector. No WONDER these guys are in trouble with their estates falling apart. Even when they'd in the end game of the tied model and the writing's on the wall they CANNOT see the wood for the trees:

What's REALLY puzzling is the industry does not spend more time focusing on the role of the people who generate ALL the income for the whole of the tied lease model - the tied lease tenant. THEY are the people who take ALL the risk. THEY are the people who invest ALL the cash. THEY are the people who serve the beer, make the wheels go round, generate ALL the profit and THEY are the people who PAY THE BDM's WAGES and bonuses and buy their company cars and pay for the CEO's yachts.

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