Monday, November 14, 2011

BDMs: leadership is the key criterion

ACTUALLY Georgel has got it somewhat WRONG - and his fundamental lack of grasp, his total misunderstanding of the business model he's deeply involved with working in is precisely the reason that the pub industry is so hamstrung - it's the whole relationship between pubco's and their tenants that is at fault (see serial repeated BISC recommendations for clues as to where pubco's have been going wrong here).

The linchpin for the tenanted and leased-pub business, DOH!, is in every case, the TENANT.

Currently the BDM is just a hired hand in a milking parlour and the tenant is just a dairy cow who's never allowed out to graze and is subject to relentless, endless, unsustainable milking.

Until pubco's totally change their attitude to tenants the industry will continue to fail. And the beauty of that is that if the pubco's change their attitude to tenants - it is THEY who will fail instead of their tenants.

The traditional pubco - that type of the Guy Hands' invention - are on the way out.

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