Friday, August 19, 2011

Milk vending machine a great hit at pub

If Peter Wilkinson can find the time he should try to get some heads knocked together at high level about this experience - on the face of it it's ridiculous that a local authority should put obstacles in the way of an individual's efforts to provide a better service to the community his pub serves. He could get a petition going among villagers and visitors from further afield stating that they want better services which could be provided by the pub but are being denied by poor quality thinking at local authority level.

Peter should lobby his MP to look at this with regard to where the local authority is coming from and ask them to contact Bob Neil and CAMRA about this evident lack of joined up thinking. There's a whole lot of other organisations with some direct interest in this sort of thing who could look at this critically such as the Plunkett Foundation and Pub is the Hub.

Is Staffordshire a signatory to the Sustainable Communities Act? Do they know anything about anything to do with community? The Big Society?

Make a noise!

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