Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi Sarah; I hope you get this. Just watching your piece on Honeystreet. I'd appreciate it if you can find time for a chat about setting up The People's Pub Partnership., the pub company I'm working on setting up right now.

Something serious is needed to put a brake on what's happening with pub closures all over Britain - it's damaging communities everywhere and our whole society is losing its heritage because of the way pub companies have irresponsibly destroyed the pub market through greed and bad management.

The People's Partnership's designed to do to pubs, through a structured, well funded business, exactly what your programme covered so well with the Barge Inn.

The idea is to drive a renaissance in pubs across the UK with a worker owned company that is professionally focused and well resourced to deliver great results for communities that are losing their greatest social assets.

John Lewis and CAMRA are giving me their support. I have a senior banker from Santander and CEO of a national catering supply chain logistics company mentoring development of the plan. Press local to me want to cover it (but it's too soon) and the Guardian are interested in taking it up - when it's moved closer to raising capital - which will be done in part through a crowd funding IPO run through the PPP website. Brewdog have done something like this recently

It will have a radical impact on the pub industry and communities - just like Honeystreet has benefited. It will be beacon to highlight how business can be done responsibly, successfully, profitably AND sustainably.

I'm hoping to find a production company to cover this - it really will be something worth recording. But there's been a lot of coverage on community pubs recently and the impression I have from a couple of companies it they're all pubbed up.

I've had a tied lease on The Sun and Doves, in Camberwell, SE5, since 1995 and am one of the people who set up the Fair Pint Campaign - which is how I come to have CAMRA's support. My background is in West End catering, Landscaping and photography. And I set up a local community forum. And had kids.

There's a little more outline on it at my linked in profile:

And on facebook:

And it's following you on Twitter

Look forward to your thoughts. Best. Mark.

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