Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Keith

Thanks for calling today. Look forward to meeting you and Eddie 11am Wednesday 7 September at The Sun and Doves

It's at

61 - 63 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, London, SE5 9NS. It's on the corner of Caldecot Road at the other end of Coldharbour from Brixton. TomTom locates it at the wrong end. There is pay and display parking around - on Coldharbour and on Caldecot Road. You MUST NOT let a ticket go over or you will be ticketed or towed - towing is as likely as a fine. They are total twats around here.

I'll compile some visual stuff I like and don't for you to have a look at. I think you might have seen the logo already. I'm interested in Chinese and Russian revolutionary propaganda imagery. In the meantime here are my thoughts.

Outline brief: If the future's not Green, there's no Future.

The message I want to get across is of a successful pub company doing everything differently from the way pubcos do it now, even the brewing pubcos like Greene King behave appallingly when it comes to leasing out pubs through the beer tie (Adnams and Holts are not so bad I am told). This message is: this business will be creating profit and sustainability by doing everything ethically - by Profits Through Ethics - but with the message there cannot be a blade of wheat, a delicate green shoot held tremorously in the palms of pretty manicured fingers, a thread of sackcloth or even a hint of a sandal anywhere. It's got to be an intelligent, strong, direct, revolutionary message that comes across boldly without appearing communist and totalitarian. It has to talk about inclusivity, working together and sharing, without seeming like it's about to be run by a long haired flare wearing rosary counting committee. It's a slightly dangerous, erudite, intellectually focused, good looking, Militant Lesbian in a well cut Business Suit who can kick ass with style, cook as good as Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall, swill it down with a bourbon and a glass of lightly sparkling elderflower cordial on the side.

The message is about getting across that PPP has a broad overview of what's happening to the world and society and understands that a paradigm shift HAS to take place in the way we do business - or else there will be no 'WE' as we understand ourselves. That the tragedy that is happening all over Britain with pub closures, and the damage this is doing to our sense of place, tradition, culture, heritage and community is providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy pubs cheaply in large numbers, turn them completely round and make then into attractive busy, financially successful vibrant community resources - hubs.

We have to make people who come to the website, and see a video, think: 'This makes so much sense! It cannot fail! Why didn't I think of it! This is EXACTLY what I want to happen to my pub. I WANT to buy into it - NOW - where do I sign? Oh, I wonder what I might get back for investing?'

Coincidentally this BBC programme went out last night. It pretty well covers everything PPP is being designed to do - involving the community at every level but PPP will be better resourced and bring a LOT more experience to turnaround projects.

Hope this is not over much. Will get looking for visuals.

I did see this. I don't like this:

I copied in Nicky, my business partner, so she knows what's happeining. Best

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