Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuppen: we have not misled tenants

By John Harrington, M&C Report
08/07/2011 08:00

Hmmmm. Interesting concept you bring up there Stephen. In the last fortnight I've met several tied tenants who submitted evidence to BISC previously who didn't this time for fear of rocking the boat with their pubco.

The notion of an account that measures the credit / debit balance of a company's business morality would be very useful when looking at pubcos.

Even though the vast majority of potential pubco tenants want to take on a particular pub rather than to work with the pubco who owns it, it would be great for prospective tenants to have a Pubco League Table to look at which scored them against each other on objective criteria and give a clear indication of who to do business with and whom to avoid. I imagine the 'Give a Wide Berth To' column would be errr, wide but nonetheless it would be a start.

It would begin with an analysis of Codes of Practice (in the words of Enterprise's top employees "a forensic" investigation of each individual case) and move onto scoring every pubco's Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility statements against each other. Given the Little Red Riding Hood nature of traditional pubco publications, just HOW to create scores that had any meaning would be the real challenge. Do we score pubcos' performance on:

Quality, far reaching-ness and depth of Vision in their publications

Correctness of the Wording and Grammar (Like a BII accreditation spell check)

Intelligibility of the Statements

Evidence that they do what the Tin says they do

Just totting up the number of porky pies printed across the board

Then we'd have a Score Chart showing All Pubcos Are Equally Bad which should, in principle, prove there is no competition in the tied pub sector and indicate that right now any prospective tenant would be better off getting a job filling shelves in a supermarket. At least it would offer better prospects.

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