Monday, July 11, 2011

Great steak is pub benchmark, claims top chef.

It's great to see Marco Pierre White revealing his depth of knowledge of the psyche of the ordinary working man and their motivation and aspirations alongside the firmness of his graps on the inas and outs of the pub industry.

He really ought to stick to ground he's got his feet firmly placed on; like the world of linking his name to stock cubes and mass market culinary flavourings.

What would the pub industry do without the insight of people like MPW being brought to bear on it?

Great steak is pub benchmark, claims top chef.

notwithstanding all JMD has to say - MPW does have a couple of valid points - for many the steak meal is the LCD (lowest common denominator) and getting a local reputation for a CSM (cracking steak meal) can be a great USP for your pub ... oh enough with the abbreviations already ...

Setting a price point and selling as much as you can whilst limiting the costs of supply thus maximising cash profit is a valid point too.

Great steak is pub benchmark, claims top chef.

Agreed in principle Publican Sam but MPW's talking about steaks that have a provenance of being from a cow he knew when it was a calf, from a farm that's run on biodynamic lines and from a postion of his being able to afford a massive capital investment in any pub or other building he takes on with a team of highly experienced restaurant operators tweaking every aspect of the business's public face.

These things are firmly out of reach of the vast majority of lessees whose food offer is delivered from the frozen food counter of a warehouse run by Brakes or Booker and whose business reality precludes them from even thinking about putting on a steak for £20 when their main price point is benchmarked by the local Wetherpsoons doing a Steak Dinner with a drink for two for less than a tenner.

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