Friday, July 08, 2011

Better news for prospective tenants

"PLEASE SIGN HERE: just a formality; it's a note confirming that you took legal advice before signing all of the documents you are about to sign. What? You did get advice but your solicitor said 'no one would ever sign anything a pubco puts in front of them if they took their solicitor's advice but something must be working because there's thousands of pubs out there being run by people who did sign. They can't all be wrong can they?'. Right. In that case please sign this bit that states 'I chose not to take legal advice before signing'. Thanks that's great.

Now then; please sign these Personal Guarantee forms. Great, thanks. What next? Oh yes... Please sign these direct debit mandate forms. Of course everything is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme, it's great that isn't it? Everyone's protected when they sign DD's. Now, please sign this form agreeing that you will pay for all your own training. Ah. Yes. Oops. You have got your Personal License haven't you? I was so excited when you showed me your proof of finance I forgot to ask you about that. Well, can you just sign this bit here confirming that you passed the qualification. Thanks. Thanks. Great. Now what else is there. Oh yes. They Keys.

Here's the Keys. Right. Thanks. Good luck with it all. Oh, by the way; I suppose I'll see you in court sometime soon eh?"

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