Friday, July 08, 2011

'Statutory pubco code is the only option'

In contrast to the excruciatingly awkward deliveries by front bench of the Pubco Cabal IPC came across as the towering intellectually competent giants of the pub industry.

It was a pleasure to hear and watch IPC working as a fully functioning, independent group of individuals with shared interests coming together that naturally make them into a TEAM.

Kate Nichol's clarity and eloquence in describing the often nonsensically complicated intricacies of the tied beer edifice is a form of beautifully crafted poetry; compellingly sensible. Mike Benner, Simon Clarke and Karl Harrison's complete grasp and fluency about their individual areas of expertise offered an impressive overview of the pub sector and evidenced that IPC has a sophisticated depth of understanding of the value of pubs, and the true commercial potential of the sector, which goes far beyond that of the people who actually run the pub industry through the companies who employ them.

What yesterday proved is that the OPERATORS know what they are doing and understand the market they are working in while the organ grinders of the pub industry behave like badly trained monkeys.

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