Friday, July 08, 2011

Tuppen: we have not misled tenants

Tuppen is disingenuous. All he did yesterday was prevaricate. That was his job yesterday... To keep themselves distanced from culpability for their business which is destined to fail (a business one could describe as being implementation of large scale asset stripping in full view of the public by sleight-of-hand), he and Townsend have built a situation whereby layers of 'forensic detail' stand between themselves and the process whereby tenants, almost inevitably, lose their shirt while working for the Company Store. The whole edifice is designed to make it absolutely clear that the responsibility for the success of the business model they manage lies entirely at the feet of the tenants.

The business model works thus: When it's in spectacular growth year on year it's:

"It's all down to us making sure we have the best tenants operating the best pubs in Britain" and when it's in rapid decline, referring to exactly the same tenants and pubs, it's:

"It's All Their Fault"

Look at their website. They aren't taking any chances of being accused of misrepresentation anymore. There's nothing written about likely performance. They've completely revamped it recently to remove any hint or suggestion that being with Enterprise will lead to a moment's likelihood of success at any level. Everything is neutral, not a word of a promise in there. It's all about caveat emptor.


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