Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Business schools need to train students to get out of their heads and off the planet so they can see how existing human systems and networks operate and interrelate. They have to have a long view that can flip into focusing on immediate small scale detail. They need to understand what human capital is and the dynamic forces that make big business discount it in favour of short term 'profit' that is making the planet incapable of sustaining human life. They need to understand the motivations and drivers of big business and sense how these can be used to divert big business away from the short term and to think and act strategically for their shareholders' best long term interests. Students need to be creative thinkers with a pragmatic outlook. Theorising is useless without translation into pragmatic solutions.

Students need to grasp, at least intuitively, how the world works right from local communities through to international systems of commerce. They must have an understanding of the tensions between local, national and international politics and commerce act to prevent competent change happen globally in spite of everyone seeming to be switched on to the need for rapid behavioural change. They must be sensitive to our marvellous global tendency to make progress seem to happen without ever actually effecting change.

Students need to be able to be able to identify the gaps that lie between existing networks and systems and see where opportunity lies in creating links and bridges across networks, social as well as commercial, so they flow more efficiently, reducing consumption and waste.

Ohh GOD I'm giving up,

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