Saturday, July 23, 2011

J Mark Dodds
London's ORIGINAL New York basement restaurant and bar. It's not styled on an American restaurant, it IS an American restaurant. Just about the most efficient, and friendly if you play your cards right, service in Britain. There's nowhere else like it.

Joe's was set up by Joe Allen, the man behind the seminal New York theatre restaurant, with Richard Polo in Covent Garden to serve a loyal international crowd of theatre and film industry stars who loved the NY original and wanted the same friendly and totally professional laid back American style in London. When it opened discretely Covent Garden was still the buzzing wholesale fruit and veg district of the capital city. In the understated basement of a warehouse block it's quietly plied its trade efficiently and confidently for the best part of four decades. Many of its staff, having learned their craft and honed their business skills and style at Joe's, have gone on to set up some of the best bars and restaurants in the capital.

Joe's set the pace for London catering and has steadily kept up with the race even though they've never advertised or shouted their presence. Everyone should make a trip to Joe's just tosay they went there at least once. And once you've been, you'll likely want to go back.

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