Monday, June 13, 2011

Pubs 'a good option for libraries' This is a news item I sent to the Morning Advertiser

Pubs 'a good option for libraries'

Funny this really. Malcolm McLaren proposed moving pubs INTO libraries in a lecture he gave to Handheld Learning Conference in 2009. Interestingly Malcolm chose to title his talk: "Authentic Creativity vs. Karaoke Culture" []. It touched on a lot of issues we face in society, many of which manifest themselves in the way the game play of the beer tie is carried out.

Everyone knows the tie is the substantial cause of the failure of the pub industry - enough people who are part of the 'other side' have told me this in private for me to know this is true. The tie is broken, dependent on lies and spin and manipulation of statistics for its survival. The charade played out at the Betty Boothroyd Room last week proved that it is not fit for purpose but no one can say it. The person who came closest was Nigel Williams who said: “Yes, a statutory code is probably the only way to get a long-term solution. Until we get some very strict code of practice enshrined within the lease I think we will be batting on a very sticky wicket for some time.” And they continue to lie about it and the cartels that keep it going - just keep on going because they can - because no one is going to stop it because it's easier to let thousands of pubs close than it is to force a handful of pubcos into administration to let the pubs survive.

The status quo keepe the gravy train going as long as possible for a relatively few people to benefit from while the vast majority go bust or endure sky high prices for their beer. Malcolm called this the 'Culture of Deception' and 'England a Country of Lies'.

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