Friday, February 25, 2011

RE: Communities eye pubs

Author: J Mark Dodds

Comment Date: 25/02/2011 11:09:11

Major pubcos devising Community Fleecing Leases hand in hand with the Prince of Wales via Pub is the Hub. BAD idea. What's needed is sharp legislation to allow fast track compulsory purchase powers by the community in special circumstances. CAMRA and IPPR could work on this alongside Pub is the Hub and BII could handle some of the training. There needs to be a new practically experienced high quality ingoing support team who will provide all the necessary tools and technical support and training stuff, from initial market research about the future use of each individual pub introductions needed to set up supply accounts with FOT supply. The whole could be underwritten by RBS and Lloyds TSB - after all the Community already owns these banks and there's even a chance that these banks already own a good number of the pubs that are in trouble so it would be helping them out too - by making commercial mortgages available for the freehold purchases. All the properties could be held in trust under and could be subject to bulk supply agreements for utilities and various of their supplies. That sort of thing would work. What's being proposed up there is sticky plasters that keep pubco coffers lined for longer.

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