Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's unbelievable that this editorial has been written now in 2011, as if nothing has been learned in the last few years, nothing of the failed tied supply system and how its widespread abuse by pubcos and brewers has devastated this industry where corporate meddling around with the supply chain in a closed market has taken all profit out of the majority of pubs and lodged it with the board and their bondholders. It's all dried up and we're still reading editorial like this?

Look around Caroline. See all those pubs boarded up? There's going to be a lot more. It's not a scalpel that's needed, it's not a chainsaw. There needs to be a radical change in this industry and looking around again, it's just not very likely to happen as long as many people persist in being wilfully blind to the realities before them.

By the way. Why not call CAMRA and ask them why they withdrew?

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