Friday, February 25, 2011


Running a pub can be great fun and very rewarding for you and your family, as you'll know if you run a pub already.

It can mean a completely new life with stacks of benefits, but it is a very serious step to take. You'll need business skills to handle issues from VAT and tax, to preparing a business plan and working out how you can make a profit.
You'll Also Need:

* management skills, because you'll be in charge of staff and will want to get the best out of them;
* commitment - the hours are long and the work is hard;
* people skills - your customers will be your greatest asset and you need to look after them, even the awkward ones;
* skills in being a good neighbour by running a friendly pub that's a welcome and popular part of the community - pub operators have important social responsibilities;
* a personal licence to sell alcohol. You do not have to be actually running a pub to be able to get this licence. We recommend that if you are serious about running a pub, you apply for this licence now. Details on how to do this and places where you can get help are in our guide.

Put all these skills together, find the right pub and your life could be transformed. And that's where we can help. We have huge experience in the pub trade and we've listened to the people who run pubs with us to find what they think is the best way to help our customers.

At Marston's Pub Company we operate 'leased and tenanted' pubs. This is only one of four main ways by which you can enter the trade.

Find out about the different ways to enter the trade:

to Enter the Trade
Pre-Entry Awarness

If you are considering a pub lease or tenancy then the BII'S Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) will give you the necessary knowledge to evaluate the agreement which you are seeking to enter. PEAT is designed to ensure that you fully understand the implications of the pub tenancy or lease which you are considering signing. It will give you an awareness of the tied pub model as well as provide information on business plans, the different types of agreements available, rental calculations, the legal consequences of breach of agreement and much more. It is a generic insight into the pub model and as such does not cover specific agreements. It is most important when considering a tenancy/lease agreement you fully understand our agreements.

The programme costs £20 + VAT and will take on average 2 hours to complete. To access the PEAT online learning site follow this link.

You will need to demonstrate that you have completed the PEAT course before we are able to offer you an agreement for a tenancy or lease..

Leased & Tenanted

The person or company who owns the pub lets it on a commercial lease or tenancy to a person or business that then runs it. The owner makes money by charging a rent to use the pub, as well as receiving an income from selling certain goods or services, often including a share of the profit from any machines. In many cases, the person who is running the pub must buy certain products from the pub owner to sell to the public.

The person who is running the pub can run that business as they see fit, as long as they meet the terms of their lease agreement. This gives you freedom, encourages you to be creative, and allows you to run your own pub.

The length of the agreement can vary, depending on the company who owns the property.
We Have a Number of Packages to Meet Different Needs;

These range from a fully supported share of turnover package through to the fully independent. Read on to find out more about the agreements we offer

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