Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Office to hold alcohol conference with pub trade

One of the many problems of this trade is that the key direction choices for the industry are made by groups of people who are part of an exclusive club - those at the top whose bad decisions, made because they are so far removed from reality - have in large measure led to the trade being in the parlous state it's in. And they are so far removed from this that they cannot possibly even see their role in the fall of the trade. Cafe Society PAH! We HAD the basis of a cafe society once and bad management of the brewers and subsequently pubcos killed any likelihood of it ever developing on the ground - leaving massive gaps in the UK market for the likes of Coffee Republic, Costa, Starbucks and so on.

The reality is what happens to steer the future of the pub trade is like being in the lottery - you gotta be in it to win it - and we, the publicans - just ain't in it. The £100 is like paying to go and watch a Guillotining, it only gives you the right to attend not to have a say about how the head is cut off, or whether it ought, actually, to stay on.

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