Monday, August 23, 2010

24 pubcos gain BIIBAS accreditation

Back to basics here as Great British Pub Week approaches the pub industry's still dragging its feet through mud, ignorance, stupidity and nonsense. The 'debate' about the tie still grinds on in its stupid dumb way with all sorts of people saying it's not the tie that is the problem it's the way it's operated blah blah blah. The COP accreditation discussion still stumbles along when, really, there should be no debate because the tie ought not to exist.

Recently I got sight of a wholesale supply price list for a free of tie pub. It was a pitch based on a min purchase obligation of volume very close to what I actually do at my pub.

The price difference against what I actually pay annually through my shiny lovely nice tied supply 'agreement' is £48,880.00 less than I actually pay now.

Here you are: for brewers barrels premium lager is £160 - £170 less than I pay for the same products; cooking lager is £153 less and Guinness £81. Bottled beer more than £11 per case less than I pay. The recommended GP's projected for the fot place are from 65% to 68% and for bottled beer it's 67% to 81%.

My actual overall GP achieved on draught and bottles combined is 51%.

Even in these hard times someone's laughing all the way to the bank and it isn't me.

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