Tuesday, August 03, 2010

David Miliband launches campaign to save pubs

What else would Mark do kevin? He works for the pubcos.

The pubcos never gave a toss about the smoking ban because they thought would not affect them because their tenants always take all of the risks of running the business and give most of the profit to the pubcos.

What the BBPA didn't anticipate was the coincidence of bad weather, the changing habits of the pubulation and the demographics of shrinking drinking, competition from those naughty, naughty supermarkets passing on the benefit of their buying power to their customers, government red tape, err a recession,lees on the lines, and anything and everything else except pubcos charging too much rent and twice the going rate for supplies all combining to create the perfect storm for all of the pub trade let alone the tied sector.

And whatever, if pubco tenants proved incapable of standing it out against the smoking ban or the gale of the perfect storm if it happened - and pubs closed in droves they'd just get a MASSIVE tax break through REITS and carry on laughing all the way to the bond holders. I mean banks.

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