Thursday, October 07, 2010

The background to the sector’s spat of the year

What exactly is Phil Dixon aiming to get across with this article of many small, disjointed paragraphs? Is he trying to make insightful analysis of the tied land of Otley or to entertain an eager audience with witty off piste asides? This needs an advanced grammar and semantics check to get it into shape. It starts off with Otley as an unlikely place and ends up with Phil's position being improbable.

For example Tim Martin will be impressed to discover there is a Conservatoire, no less, at one of his Company's outlets and more so that the nearby Rose and Crown will need to literally feed off this unique Pub of Advanced Study in the Fine Art of... Drinking?

In threading his way among all this gibberish Phil attempts to convince us that he operates from some surreal pub industry LaGrange point of objective equanimity and moral balance in surveying the situation. Bollocks. Phil you should just admit that you don't want to accept that Greg is right and that you, and Enterprise, are manifestly wrong. Your take on the Woolpack says it all.

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