Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuppen: I'm staying put at Enterprise

Any system which takes out more than it puts in is unsustainable. That's what Enterprise does and that's why Enterprise is going down. But as long as most pubcos do exactly what Enterprise does, there's an appearance of some sort of stability. This exactly is how the pubcos have invented levitation and managed to pour beer uphill. They stick together (with all the brewers too of course (oh and BII and RICS and their other lackeys)) like peas in a pod - what outsiders get is this:

'Even though we do not really understand how this pubco tie business thing works, because it seems to lead to pubs closing down, this is what all the pubcos do and they exist as businesses making big profits, therefore they must be doing something right, therefore we won't do anything about it because, although it looks like it's broke, it can't be broke, because all the pubcos are doing it, so if it ain't broke, let's not fix it'.

And so it goes round and round and round - and while it does there's still loads of churn going on that not even we, the people IN the industry are able to see. Meanwhile people in positions of power such as Tuppen can pontificate across the trade and national press purporting to know something about the hospitality industry when, in reality, all they know is how to exhaust resources and totally deplete a system which is finite unless fed investment at the base. Pubcos are like the apocryphal stories you've heard about the original Easter Islanders.

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