Friday, July 16, 2010

New BISC MP wants the beer tie to go

kevin. It takes a long time for radical change in any status quo to manifest itself anywhere and in such an ossified industry as this it's hardly surprising that the contractual detail of the tie has not altered substantially yet. But it will come. The reason Fair Pint, and others, have argued cogently that the tie must go completely is because this state of affairs is clearly understood and ending the tie completely simply irons out a lot of wrinkles which will always remain if the tie exists in any form other than to mutual benefit of lessee and freeholder.

What HAS happened in the last two years is BISC convened over pubcos again, at a time when pubcos said there was no need and it would be a waste of time. In fact pubcos welcomed BISC s an opportunity to show how far they had come since TISC 2004. In the event pubcos performed woefully in the hearings, told untruths, and got a severe ticking off - were told they are bullies and were left with a promise of a sound kicking if they do not change their ways by 2011. That, given the history of past inquiries, was a radical shift which put the pubcos on the back foot and smashed their share price.

BUT, as you say, nothing's changed. Hot air and self praise. You make it sound like an evangelical church. You should get out more often kevin.

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