Friday, July 16, 2010

New BISC MP wants the beer tie to go

Yep it's REALLY complicated isn;t it Inez?

I heard on the radio that today a judge is to consider whether Peter Sutcliffe will ever be released from jail. I wondered how long a judge must spend in consideration to arrive at a sound conclusion on that one.

Similarly I wonder how long it takes for a well informed person to make up their mind about the value of the tie?

The Traditional Beer Tie


Property owning companies with no interest in property other than to get as much cash as possible out of bricks and mortar without ever investing in it


Beer supply companies with no interest in beer whatsoever other than whacking a huge handling charge on something they don't even handle


Huge Run Down Dilapidated Estates


Ludicrous Rents


Criminally high supply prices


Thousands of failed and failing pubs.


The Tie should end. See:

What's the problem with that?

Would YOU let the Yorkshire Ripper out of Jail?

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