Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ted Tuppen: Rider on the storm

Rider on the Storm

Tuppen: I'm staying put at Enterprise

Where to begin with such a touchy feely profile of Ted Tuppen?

'Rider on the Storm'? This was the last song Jim Morrison recorded. He died a few weeks later. So, YES, yes, bring it on.

Tuppen is an utterly charmless accountant with not even a basic understanding of the industry which, in large measure, he presides over. The unsustainable vacuous business model championed by Enterprise has been sycophantically copied by most other 'pubcos' and this, essentially, explains why there are so many boarded up pubs across the UK.

The tie, as applied by bean counter Ted, does not work - and it never will. Tuppen knows this but seeks to blame lessees for the failure of the contracts they signed up to.

Tuppen excusing the failure of an Enterprise pub in Otley, the Woolpack, because it's next door to a Wetherspoons graphically describes it all. Basically Tuppen is saying: 'Enterprise pubs cannot compete alongside the free trade'.

TOO TRUE TED when YOU charge TWICE for the beer that Wetherspoons sells it at.

There. Not complicated is it?

There. Not complicated is it?

Of course Tuppen expects people to know him before making accurate comment on the business model he presides over. Why? Because it's falling apart and he doesn't want them to think it's his fault. Cocker Spaniels help sometimes.

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