Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ian Webb
Operations & Sales Director - South East
Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company
Email :
Ext Mob : 07831-894133 (777-3220)

Dear Ian

Last week your company levvied an unagreed £450 surcharge on my beer account and refused to deliver beer unless this extra amount to the beer invoice was paid. I was informed of this when I called credit control to pay for my beer delivery and immediately expressed my clear disagreement with the position your company has taken, stating that the only reason that I was prepared to make payment was in order to receive beer without which I could not continue to trade.

Subsequently I asked you by email to tell me what exactly your company's contractual right is in this matter. You did not respond but Aaron Mozley called me the following day and told me the levy should not have been applied and that the £450 would be reimbursed.

This week I paid for my beer order in good faith only to discover that the £450 surcharge had yet again been applied to my account. Furthermore I note that last week's £450 levy has not been returned to my account. I spoke to Denise and Sandy at credit control about this situation in unequivocal terms yesterday and today and made clear my consideration of the contractual position.

Please, as I asked last week, indicate clearly to me where, in your company's contract with me, your company has the right to levy such a charge and explain why your company is threatening to withhold supply of goods I am willing and able to pay for unless this unattributable surcharge to my beer account is paid weekly?

For clarity I expect your company to credit £900 to my beer account within seven days i.e. by Friday 23 July 2010 or else I will consider seeking legal redress.

With best wishes


J Mark Dodds

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