Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last week your company threatened to refuse to deliver beer to my pub which I had ordered and wished to pay for, unless I paid an additional £450 charge which had been added to my account without my consent. I expressed clear dissatisfaction with this situation and told Sandy at Credit Control to make a file note of my position.

Subsequently I emailed you asking your company to detail any contractual position it has which enables such a levy to be applied to my account. I then received a call from Aaron Mozley who told me this should not have happened and that the £450 would be returned.

On Tuesday this week I called credit control to pay for this week's beer order and paid £3,065 by debit card which, I assumed, was the amount owed for beer alone. At no stage in the transaction was I told that the total, yet again, included your company's £450 levy as applied the previous week. While doing a bank reconciliation on Tuesday I noted that:

1) the previous week's overcharge has not been credited to my account.
2) this week's account for beer had the same £450 surcharge added to it.

Upon this realisation I called credit control and spoke to Denise who agreed that there were no grounds she could see on my account details which could justify the application of the £450 surcharge. Again I asked that my disagreement with the levy should be recorded.

This morning Sandy called me and told me

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