Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spit Roast Looming for 'Enterprise' and 'Punch'?

Mark Dodds, owner of The Sun and Doves pub in Camberwell, London SE5, is seeking the views of his community through the local blog 'Camberwell Online'. Dodds hopes the ultimate fate of two saddleback pigs being grown to maturity before slaughter and delivery to the pub for final preparation and consumption will be decided by locals.

Dodds has used the online blog and other internet based communication tools to go to the public for their views several times before, consulting locals before a major refurbishment in 2006; asking if they want sport broadcast on a frequent basis, whether salt beef would go down well on the menu and asking for suggestions for cask ale selections for example.

This time Dodds is asking locals whether they would like to take part in a butchery class and helping get the pigs finally ready for the table. As his local blog entry from 30 June goes:

"Serious question: we have been nurturing two delightfully grunty saddlebacks, called Enterprise and Punch, who will be killed in a few weeks to be turned into steaks and sausages and the like.

The pigs will be prepared and served to our willing customers anyway, and will prove delicious and wonderful as did last year’s brief foray into sourcing our own pork.

This time though, we could do a ‘carcass carving class’ or somesuch audience participation activity.

We’d have a butcher turning pigs into portions under the awning in the garden with an audience and a talk through the process. It would amount to something like River Cottage Live at The Sun and Doves.

Anyone interested in this?

Here are Punch and Enterprise with their snouts in the trough:

Your thoughts appreciated.
Dodds says he's looking forward to the feedback and the outcome once Punch and Enterprise have lived out their useful lives.

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