Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spit Roast Looming for 'Enterprise' and 'Punch'?

@Bob. "Does the MA allow people to have source codes to post stupid articles."

Not generally Bob although the fairly open nature of the site allows stupid, as well as measured and well informed, comments to be made by anyone.

But there is a useful built in facility which allows users to begin topics of their own making.

Use the menu bar on left of the screen. Click: 'Forums'; click: 'News Article Comments'; scroll down to bottom of frame, click: 'Start a new thread' and, well, start a new thread.

This is not a stupid article Bob, it's factual. It's a genuine report on one thing that's happening in one pub that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more. What we do at The Sun and Doves is good for us, we learn a lot, we enjoy having some fun with our community - our staff and our customers - it's good for the area - estate agents use our reputation to help bolster their sales material - we buy locally as much as we can, contribute to the local economy, encourage other businesses to invest in the area and basically, everyone benefits. And we get to eat great natural happy pig meat at the end of it. We're going to start growing our own lentils soon by the way. Happy lentils.

Anyhow Bob. Enterprise and Punch are good pigs at heart. But they just can't get their snouts out of the trough, no matter how hard they are pushed, and the way of things is they're chomping on the pig pellets happily eating themselves closer to slaughter. A tail of everyday curliness.

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