Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ken you've got a nerve to be so flippant about how well of I am.

So, honestly now, my back isn't 'exactly against the wall' Ken? Huh? Come on then Ken... what do you know Ken? What do you know about my finances that I don't? Come on Ken tell us all. Tell the good people of the MA forum - Do I have savings I don't know about? A pension plan I forgot about? An endowment policy maybe? A Bentley in storage somewhere? Any assets other than my worthless tied lease with a £70K dilaps bill attached to it? My trading liabilities? Income? Yeah I'm rolling in it Ken. Rolling. I, like many other tied lessees, receive working family tax credits without which, as I've mentioned here before, my family would be seriously impoverished. As it is, I believe we are better off than a lot of people but for you to tell me my back is not against the wall is downright offensive. Your logic is perverse. You think I, and all the other people with tied leases who have the brass neck to challenge pubcos do it because we have no problems?

When I go on holiday with my family you think I pay for the air fares? The accommodation? The spending money? Come on Ken tell it like it is. You know nothing about my circumstances. So what is your problem about me that makes you come out with that rubbish? What is it? You think because I have the nerve to tell people like you that you're totally wrong that I must be financially secure, well off, living a life of Riley? Well I am not. I have frankly and honestly outlined my financial circumstances on this forum before. I'm not going to repeat it for your pleasure.

As far as it goes with you it's not me that's insinuating anything. It's YOU who says the status quo is OK; it is YOUR arguments, the position you take, and the way you tell everyone who has a legitimate criticism of the pubco model they are wrong, blinkered, blah blah blah - that says it all. It's YOU who defends the status quo and the only inference anyone can rationally draw from this is that you have something to lose if it changes.

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