Monday, July 19, 2010

New help for communities to run pubs

In itself, related to pubs, this is not a crazy proposition. It's quite creative really and IF administered well could have legs. If the pubs are taken into freehold ownership by the community and run as trusts, there is no reason why many pubs which are currently non viable because of their tenure could become busy, vibrant community hubs as they were in the pre pubco past.

The biggest hurdle facing this initiative is the bit where the government gets involved all along the line. Here are some of the key weakness points of threat to the scheme being put into action successfully:

1) In choosing which projects are most suitable

2) In deciding the amount of money that each project needs

3) In delivering practical, working advice and skills to projects where they need it

4) In monitoring, and understanding the needs and scope of each scheme for accountability

5) Measurement of the outcomes and assessment of success of projects so that experience and skills are built up and concentrated so that what is learned is passed on to future projects to make them flow genuinely more efficiently

6) Doing all the above without spending ALL the money on consultants, mandarins, yes people, administration and 'it cannot be done' people who justify their lives protecting budgets instead of getting anything done. You know, like the Carbon Trust.

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